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"Working with Sarah through two different projects over the last 7 years has truly been a wonderful experience. Sarah's eye for design is authentic with a fresh taste on timeless interiors, making each space she touches beautiful. Through a real partnership and collaboration, which is how I think she thrives as an interior designer with her clients, our home feels like a genuine representation of our family."




Sarah (Weltner) Chaffee grew up playing pretend with her mother’s extensive collection of Architectural Digest magazines and filling notebooks with floor plans. In sixth grade, she predicted her own future—drawing a picture of an older version of herself in front of a building that read “Weltner Architects”. 


After graduating college with a master's degree in architecture, Sarah honed her skills working for various firms and found that her true passion was in designing interiors and interior architecture. When a client from her architectural work asked for her help with interior selections and furnishings, she saw an opportunity to build a business of her own. She launched Weltner Interiors, and has since helped numerous clients create homes that are timeless, effortlessly livable, and deeply personal with an approach that reflects her architectural background.

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